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Year 3

Welcome to Year 3!
Our Year 3 team:
3SC: Miss Clarke (teacher), Mrs Ind, Mrs Griffith (TA roles)
3LK: Mrs Kitson & Mrs Lewis (teachers), Mrs Mayer (TA)
3MK: Miss Kitchen (teacher), Mrs Brine (TA) 

We have a busy year ahead with lots of interesting and exciting learning opportunities.

We started off our first half term by focusing on ‘Rocks and Soils’ and ‘The Stone Age.’ Whilst learning about rocks and soils, we found a sabre tooth tiger tooth fossil which led to lots of exciting learning. We had a special visitor come into school to teach us lots of fascinating facts. He also helped us to hunt for a woolly mammoth, which was very exciting! We explored Skara Brae and even dressed up to help us get into character.
Next half term we will be exploring our own town, Bedworth. We will be sending Om, our Stone Age girl, on a mission to gather information about the town’s history. We are looking forward to welcoming another visitor, John Burton, into school who is going to help us to find out more about Bedworth.
During the Spring term, we will focus on the Ancient Greeks: looking closely at Greek myths and the fascinating mythical creatures from these stories.
The spring term also brings our exciting ‘Chocolate’ topic with an entrepreneurial twist. We will also be covering skeletons and nutrition through our science lessons - is Augustus Gloop’s diet really recommendable?!
After Easter, we focus on the text ‘Fantastic Mr Fox’ and cover our science topic of ‘Plants’ here too.
We finish the year by looking at an adventure and mystery story, ‘The Iron Man’, and we will link this learning to our science topics of “Magnets’ and ‘Light and shadows’.
Our weeks are jam packed with new learning....


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