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Year 1 children had a great time being mini scientists in science club! They conducted their own experiments, made bouncy balls out of crystals and had some fun exploring the textures of slime.

Year 1 Planting Beans

During the Spring term, Year 1 have been learning all about plants. One of our favourite book characters, Jack from Jack and the Beanstalk, even left some beans for them to plant. We are hoping they don't grow tall enough to reach a giant!

After Christmas, something exciting happened in Year 1... there was an alien crash landing! In the alien's rocket, there was different everyday materials that we learnt all about. After we had learnt about different materials, we investigated which material would be best to build a rocket for the alien. We tested the rockets by which material flew the furthest with the least damage.

3SC Science: Grouping rocks investigation

During our Spring term Science unit, children have been exploring rocks and fossils. In this lesson children had to group rocks based in its appearance only.

1JM Design and Technology - Cooking and Nutrition Unit

This week we learnt about different fruits and vegetables, and where they grow. We tasted different smoothies and then we created our own, including designing our own smoothie packaging.

3SC Design and Technology - Structures Unit

We have started our DT unit this week. Children are looking at castles and how they can construct their own. We have started by looking at nets of shapes and how we construct them. We have used the skill of 'scoring' to help the paper to fold.

3SC visited The Amazon Rainforest using technology. We had the most amazing experience. 

During STEM week, year 4 learnt about electricity and sound. They explored different instruments and how they create sound. They then made their own musical instruments!

Pictures from year 5's STEM week.


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