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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2

Our classes are:

2CB - Miss Brown (Teacher), Miss Freeman (TA)

2LW - Miss Woodford (Teacher), Miss Dawson (TA)

2VP - Miss Pettipher (Teacher), Mrs McGuckian (TA)


In Year 2 we cover lots of different skills and new learning linked into a theme each half term. In Autumn Term we start with Muck, Mess and Mixtures which is a Science based topic where we make different mixtures using solids and liquids. The children love making science predictions about our investigations and learn all about fair testing. They particularly enjoy getting mucky and messy so sorry in advance! After October half term, we do a history based topic called Heroes and Villains where we study significant people and events in history. Some of these include: Guy Fawkes, World War 1, Emmeline Pankhurst, Rosa Parks, Henry VIII and more. After Christmas, we return to our Winter Wonderland geography topic where we go on a journey to Narnia and to Antarctica with Ernest Shackleton. The next half term is Precious Plants where we learn about how to look after our world and study the rainforests. After Easter, we learn about mini beasts in our Wriggle and Crawl topic where the children love to go on mini beast hunts at school and at home too. Our last topic is called Brilliant Bedworth which is all about our local area, with a focus on Bedworth’s mining history.

We really love reading in Year 2 and we do an author study on Roald Dahl and Julia Donaldson. The children learn to use expression when they read and answer questions to show they understand what they are reading too. In writing, we focus on different sentence types, using punctuation correctly and spelling and handwriting. In maths, we learn number facts and different ways to add, subtract, divide and multiply. If they mention ‘Castle Column method’ then don’t panic! It is known as expanded column and really isn’t as tricky as it looks. Look out for examples of what we do in their homework as it always links to what they have taught.

In May the children will take their national SATs tests but don’t worry about this. It is our job to teach them everything they need to know and to do this as painlessly as possible in school. Trust that we know your child well enough to help them to achieve their very best. Results from the tests help us to make our final teacher judgements at the end of the year and give you chance to see where your child is compared to other children in the country. Watch the newsletter for our Year 2 SATs meeting later in the year where we will discuss them in more detail.

Children make huge amounts of progress in Year 2 so you will see a big difference in them from start to finish. We encourage the children to be as independent and as resilient as possible as this creates super learners and individuals. In Year 2 we learn lots and have fun at the same time too. Please support as much as you can at home and contact us if you have any concerns, questions or worries.

Miss Brown, Miss Woodford & Miss Pettipher


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