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Uniform Information

We believe that a uniform looks smart, wears well and contributes to a feeling of belonging to the school, our uniform consists of:


Purple V neck sweatshirt or cardigan with School logo in the colour of your child’s house team.


Upper school:

Hanover = red Stuart = blue Tudor = green Windsor = yellow


Lower school:

St George = red St Andrew = blue St Patrick = green St David = yellow


Lower schoolUpper School

White Polo Shirt

Dark grey skirt/trousers

Purple gingham dress (summer only)

The Canons sweatshirt or Cardigan


White shirt/blouse with collar

Dark grey skirt/trousers

School tie

The Canons sweatshirt or Cardigan

White Polo Shirt (summer only)

Purple gingham dress (summer only)



Please note summer uniform may be worn for the term after Easter up until the October half term. Thereafter the winter uniform MUST be worn, however children may wear the winter uniform throughout the whole year. Parents can purchase all the items that bear the school logo from Toye Kenning and Spencer, Bedworth or The Schoolwear Centre, Nuneaton.


Website: orders can be placed and paid for online, posted or collected by appointment only.


Website: orders can be placed and paid for online and posted out.


Footwear – children should wear black shoes or black trainers to school. Shoes should have sensible sized heels. White or coloured trainers are not permitted. Footwear with Velcro fastening is preferred for children in the lower years.


All children should have a change of clothes for Physical Education. Indoors this must consist of house colour T-shirt, with dark blue or black nylon short or navy/black pleated games skirt. Children undertake indoor P.E. in bare feet.


When undertaking outdoor PE, kit may be supplemented with a jog suit or a track suit during colder months. Children will need plimsolls or trainers for outdoor games.




To help keep everything together we ask that each child has a large drawstring bag to keep their PE Kit in. The lower school children should also have a book bag for their reading books and homework, and a spare set of clothes should also be provided in their PE bag. The Upper school children should bring a school bag (small back pack size) with all of their belongings, which will be kept in their school locker throughout the day.


Whilst we prefer children not to wear jewellery of any kind in school, we are allowing children to wear stud earrings on the understanding that parents are taking full responsibility for any loss or injury. Children will need to remove or cover earrings for P.E. to comply with health and safety and the onus is on the parent to provide a means for this. Children may wear a watch if they wish, however again we cannot be held responsible for any loss or damage occurring in school. We must also insist that watches or watches that can text, message, ring or record images, are not worn in school. Extremes of haircuts or hair colours are not acceptable in school eg, no designs shaved into the hair and no coloured hair.



The Schoolwear Centre - Information Sheet & Ordering Process

The Canons uniform


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