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Diversity Day 2024

Following our PSHE Unit ‘Celebrating Differences,’ we had a day to celebrate how diverse we are at The Canons. We listened to an assembly which reminded us that we live in a world full of differences and how great that is, followed by a day wearing clothing or bringing items in that represented our heritage, culture, hobbies and interests. We spent time sharing these with our peers and celebrated the many ways in which we are different.


Well done to all of the pupils for ‘living life in all it’s fullness’ by sharing what makes them, them and listening to and learning from others. A huge thank you to the parents/carers too for their support in making this day a success.


Here are some of our thoughts about Diversity Day:


‘Diversity Day made us feel that we are all amazing! We did a fashion show to music and took some photos,’ Reception


‘Diversity Day made me feel happy because I got to wear different clothes,’ Year 1


‘Diversity means that we are different and we have something special about ourselves. We liked talking about what makes us happy and different,’ Year 2


‘We know that we are all different and not just because we look different. We are all different, but can all be friends at the same time,’ Year 3


‘I enjoyed Diversity Day because we were able to celebrate things that we might not normally tell people or what people might not know. We all felt included,’ Year 4


‘I wore two different shoes to show that everyone is different,’ Year 4


‘I enjoyed dressing up and talking about us. I understand others a bit more now,’ Year 5


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