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Celebrating Diversity

Following last year's successful celebration of diversity, last week we had another chance to celebrate diversity at The Canons. We had an assembly to remind us what is meant by ‘diversity’ and discussed why it is important to celebrate our differences. On Friday, we celebrated the diversity in our school by wearing something or bringing something in that represented ourselves or our families.


Some of us:

  • Wore clothing traditional of our culture/faith/nationality
  • Wore clothing to represent a skill/talent we practice such as karate, dancing, gymnastics football, rugby, swimming, fishing…
  • Wore clothing to represent a club that we belong to such as Rainbows, Football, Rugby…
  • Brought in photos of our family
  • Brought in food from their culture to share with the class
  • Brought in items, photos or wore clothing to represent festivals we celebrate
  • Brought in medals, certificates, trophies and even a horse to represent the skills and hobbies we practice
  • Taught our classmates how to say some phrases or write some letters in our home language


We enjoyed sharing these with each other and celebrating the many ways in which we are different.


Well done to all the pupils for making our day to ‘celebrate how diverse we are' a success this year too, and as always, a huge thank you to parents and carers who supported the children in understanding and celebrating what makes them special!


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