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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4

Hello everyone and welcome to year 4!

Our classes:

4MH: Mrs Hobson (Teacher) and Mrs Marrs-Williams (TA)

4DB: Mr Bristow (Teacher) and Mrs Cuttiford (TA)

4DC: Mrs Campbell (Teacher) and Mrs Ward (TA)

We are looking forward to a successful year and have some exciting topics coming up!

We have started our year by focusing on ‘The Blue Abyss’ – we have already learnt a lot about life in the ocean and are looking forward to our upcoming trip to the Sea Life Centre! After that, we will be focusing on the human body, including the digestive system and teeth.

After Christmas, we will be exploring the world of potions! We will be looking at the story of Alice in Wonderland and her adventure down the rabbit hole… we will link this to our Science where we will be learning about the different states of matter.

We will then be focusing on our History topics. This will start with an exploration of the Vikings, Saxons and the Celts and we will then bridge into our main History topic: The Romans! We are hoping to take part in another trip to the Lunt Roman Fort where the children can have a more hands-on experience of life during these times.


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