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Year 4 Stem Week 2021

During STEM week, year 4 have been carrying out lots of investigating!


At the beginning of the week, the teachers were in a bit of a pickle because all the biscuits kept breaking in their tea! They know how much children enjoy eating biscuits so they asked us to investigate this problem. In 4JM, we discovered that the best biscuit for dunking was a rich tea. However, they worked well when being lifted straight in and out of the drink, but if you twisted your arm as though you were going to eat the biscuit, then the hobnobs lasted for much longer. We therefore think that it would be a good idea to order lots of hobnobs and some rich tea biscuits for all the teachers to enjoy with their hot drinks.


Next, we carried out some learning all about electricity. We learnt about the dangers of electricity and how to be safe around it. Then, we investigated how to make an electrical circuit and we were able to light up bulbs. We also investigated making circuits with buzzers and were amazed when they worked. We discovered which materials are conductors or insulators, and we enjoyed investigating this using different classroom objects.


For the rest of the week, we carried out lots of learning all about sound. We had a visitor from a Scientist during this which was very exciting. We have learnt that sound travels through vibrations and that for us to hear sounds, the air that vibrates enters out ears, which touches hairs that are connected to nerves, and the nerves send signals to our brains that there is a noise. We created yoghurt pot telephones and we discovered that the sound was louder when the string was held in a straight line because there were more vibrations. We also carried out an investigation to see what happens to the sound the further away you are from the source. We discovered that the further away from the source of the sound, the longer it takes to hear it. The sound also gets fainter the further away it is. During our learning about sound, we looked at pitch and how it changes when we reduce the amount of air in a container. Did you know that there’s no sound in space because there’s no air for the vibrations to travel? Did you also know that sound travels slower in air than water because air is a gas and water is a liquid (it travels faster in solids because the molecules are packed together more)?


Throughout the week we have represented our results from our different investigations in different ways, for example in bar graphs, line graphs and tally charts.


At the end of STEM week in 4JM, we designed and created our own working musical instruments, using our knowledge of sound. They are amazing!


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