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Year 3 STEM Week

Year 3 had a great STEM week. We have enjoyed all of the practical tasks and challenges!


The children started the week with a biscuit dunking experiment and found that Rich Tea biscuits are the best for dunking in your hot drink and do not break off easily! Children also researched, designed and made their own pin ball machines; you can see these in our expedition. They worked with their partner using their knowledge of push and pull forces.


Later in the week the children participated in many exciting tasks. We were fortunate to have two of our parents visit. Mrs Ashby taught us all about forces and challenged us to make freestanding towers strong enough to hold a water bottle...  we then explored magnetic fields with iron fillings. Then, Kaja, blew us away with elephant toothpaste! We made our own slime and even managed to blow balloons up using only vinegar and baking soda.


We finished off our week making our own lava lamps…we even got out the glitter!


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