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Year 3 2020/2021

Welcome to Year 3!

3SC – Miss Clarke (Teacher) and Mrs Mayer & Miss Jones (Teaching Assistants)

3LB – Miss Boyle (Teacher) and Mrs Brine, Mrs Morris & Mrs Taylor (Teaching Assistants)

3BL – Miss Broadbent & Miss Lewis (Teacher) and Mrs Cuttiford & Miss Semple (Teaching Assistant)

Autumn Term

Year 3 start the year by exploring South America, paying attention to Brazil. Over the weeks we learn how to locate and label places of significance on a variety of maps, understand the layers of the rainforest and appreciate what it gives to us. Expanding our Geography knowledge, we dive deep into The Amazon Rainforest to learn about how we could survive in the undergrowth and how it provides us with many resources.

During Autumn 2, we use our new knowledge to research the lives of The Mayans. Our learning leads us on a journey to the past… who were the Mayans? What did they leave behind? Children hear about how they farmed and grew their own crops and even discovered CHOCOLATE! Together we find out about their beliefs and how they built beautiful temples, roads and homes.

Spring Term

To start off the spring term, we head back to The Stone Age and focus our literacy work around an exciting text, ‘Stone Age Boy’. The children look at how tools were made, the clothes they wore and how they hunted for their food. Our ‘Rocks and Soils’ science topic links nicely as we discover fossils beneath the surface…I wonder what it could be? Children are amazed to find that settlements such as Skara Brae date back to The Stone Age and are keen to look inside the home of where they lived…

Spring 2 term leads us into exploring our hometown, Bedworth! We welcome a Stone Age visitor who wants to see what life is like in modern times. We show her around and even meet Nicholas Chamberlain who helps us to see how Bedworth has changed through time and how we celebrate the rich culture and heritage of the town through art and history lessons.

Summer Term

In our final term, we focus on the Ancient Greeks; looking closely at the Greek myth, ‘Theseus and the Minotaur.’ We use our best persuasive skills to convince King Minos into feeding the beast anything but human beings! Will we succeed? Children learn about the Olympics, democracy and Alexander the Great. We may even squeeze in a Greek dress up day and try some new foods too!

To end our time in year 3, we finish with our ‘Iron Man’ topic. We look at how the author, Ted Hughes, creates suspense throughout the book and link this with out ‘Magnets and Forces’ topic. Children design and create a trap using magnets to help the farmers save their machinery.

We can’t wait to begin…


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