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Year 3 2019/20

Welcome to Year 3!
Our Year 3 team:
3SC: Miss Clarke (teacher), Mrs Ind, Mrs Griffith (TAs)
3LK: Mrs Kitson & Mrs Lewis (teachers), Mrs Mayer (TA)
3MK: Miss Kitchen (teacher), Mrs Brine & Miss Field (TAs) 


We have a busy year ahead with lots of interesting and exciting learning opportunities. 


Year 3 begins with a focus on “Rocks and soils”. Whilst learning about different rocks and discovering what soil is made of, we discover a sabre tooth tiger tooth fossil which leads to lots of exciting learning. We love a dress up day in year 3 and so dive into the Stone Age with a special “Stone Age Day”, full of exciting activities and costumes. We continue to find out more and learn about the Stone Age throughout the first half term


The second half of the autumn term leads us into exploring our own town, Bedworth. We welcome a Stone Age visitor, Om, from the pages of our focus text, “Stone Age Boy”, and help her on a mission to gather information about the town’s history. We have previously enjoyed links with Bedworth’s Heritage Centre and Bedworth’s local historian, John Burton, and will continue to do so this year. He is quite an expert and helps us to find out more about Bedworth in an interesting and informative way. 

The start of the spring term focuses on the Ancient Greeks: looking closely at Greek myths and the fascinating mythical creatures from these stories. There will be more exciting focus days and dressing up to spark the children’s interest and lead us into a world of new learning about the Ancient Greeks.

The second half of the spring term brings our exciting “Chocolate”topic. We will begin by learning about the origins of chocolate from the Mayan and Aztec civilisations then look at the chocolate process from bean to bar. Our chocolate topic takes an entrepreneurial twist when the children work for “Wonka” and help to save the company through diligent research, design, creative processes and the production of all things chocolate! We will also be covering skeletons and nutrition - is Augustus Gloop’s diet really recommendable? 


After Easter, we focus on plants and all things naturally weird and wonderful - both in fact and fiction. The children will put on their explorer hats and take a trip down to the deep rainforests of South America where they will learn about life in the rainforest for both animals and the indigenous people, studying the different layers of the rainforest, alongside the life of those who live there.


The children will enjoy learning about plants, pollination and the process of seed dispersal whilst creating a fantasy woodland world using their plant research, knowledge and, most importantly, imagination. 


We finish the year by looking at an exciting adventure and mystery story: “The Iron Man”. It is a fantastic text and the children absolutely love experiencing the suspense and digging deep into writing techniques. We link this learning to our science topics of “Magnets” and “Light and shadows”: piecing the Iron man together, designing and creating traps…lots of opportunities to learn and apply their science knowledge.

Our weeks are jam packed with new learning and we look forward to an exciting year.


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