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Year 1 STEM Week

This week, we have been exploring STEM. We started off our week with a whole school biscuit dunking experiment. We needed to dunk 3 different types of biscuits to a sound video and see which one is the best. We made sure it was a fair test by doing it together and dunking at the same time. We found out that the oaties were the best dunking biscuit! Next we had our first STEM challenge. We had to help the gingerbread man cross the river without being snapped up by the fox! We designed and made boats using junk modelling materials with our partner. We then tested our boats by putting them in water. We had to make sure the boat floated and that it would sit the gingerbread man on. We also learned about the importance of a balanced diet. We designed our own fruit salads and learned how to use knives safely. It was lots of fun cutting the fruit, but I think we can all agree our favourite part was eating it! In addition, we also had 2 very important visitors come to see us. Firstly, we had a visit from a plant doctor. She taught us that leaves have a special chemical in them called chlorophyll and this makes the leaf green! We tested this by rubbing spinach leaves and breaking the cells apart. Our next visitor taught us about chemical changes. We had a great time making slime! We chose our own colours, added in scents and foam beads. It was amazing to see how the stretchy the slime could become. After this, we had our next STEM challenge. We worked in teams of 6 to create the tallest tower we could using only cups. We had to use our teamwork and collaboration skills to work together to be successful. Also we designed and made felt magnets using shapes.  




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