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Year 1 2021/2022

Welcome to Year 1


Our classes are:

1HD - Miss Dreher, Mrs Gunner (TA)

1AW - Miss Walker. Mrs Gilbert (TA)

1LW - Miss Ward, Miss Dawson (TA), Mrs Marrs-Williams (TA), Mrs Kearney (TA), Mrs Griffith (TA)


Autumn 1 – Land and Sea
Our topic for this half term is ‘Land and Sea’. Through this we learn about ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’ by Ronda and David Armitage and ‘The Rainbow Fish’ by Marcus Pfister. Within this half term the focus will be; full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, labels, nouns and adjectives.
We will learn how to label the seagulls in ‘The Lighthouse Keeper’s Lunch’, make our own sandwiches for his lunch and use drama to explore what the seagulls might be saying. When we dive into ‘Rainbow Fish’ we learn what adjectives are and how to use them correctly in our writing. We explore the different texts that we read and retell the stories using the skills and vocabulary that have been taught. In maths this half term there is a strong focus on number and place value and addition using maths equipment within the classroom. We focus on learning the number bonds within and to 10 and becoming sound with addition of numbers to 10. The children will learn how to discuss their answers and explaining the method they used. The children will continue to represent numbers in lots of different ways and improving their number fluency. Throughout our topic lessons we learn to compare the human and physical features of Bedworth compared to the seaside town Skegness. We learn correct geographical language to describe the features of these places. We also compare hot and cold countries and discuss where they would be on a map. We paint land and sea pictures using different textures and paint mixing techniques. As we enter the season change of Autumn we will also look into seasonal changes and the weather. In RE we will learn all about the creation story and discuss their own beliefs. We also learn all about the Harvest festival and what this time means to Christians, in class, through collective worship and through practising our Harvest assembly.

Autumn 2 – Me and My Town
Our topic for this half term is ‘Me and My Town’. Through history, we will explore the local history of Bedworth and how houses have changed over time. We will be researching Nicholas Chamberlaine and why he is so important to Bedworth and our school. In geography, we will research the local area and continue to explore Bedworth. As we begin to enter into the depths of winter we will continue to look at seasonal changes. We will build on the skills learnt in the previous half term during our English lessons. We will research polar bears from the text ‘Leaf’ by Sandra Dieckmann and will look at ‘Oliver and Patch’ by Claire Freedman and Kate Hindley to learn about ordering sentences. In maths we will build on our existing mathematical knowledge to explore addition and subtraction and will explore 2D and 3D shapes. We will move onto numbers within 20, focusing on place value talking about tens and ones. In RE this half term our focus is Incarnation. We will begin the half term by observing Remembrance, talking about its importance and the children’s experience of it.  As we move through the term we will look at the Christmas story and discuss why Christmas is a special time for Christians.

Spring 1 - Moon Zoom
To engage the children in this topic there will be a crash landing within school (shhh! This is top secret).
Within this half term the focus will be: full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, question marks, commas, conjunctions, adjectives and adding s and es onto words. The book we will be exploring within this term is ‘Beegu’ by Alexis Deacon. Beegu is a small, yellow and shy alien that the children will be writing about throughout this term. They will write character descriptions, make posters and retell the story. There will also be a reading focus where the children will have to use their inference skills to determine what Beegu is feeling at each point of the story and why. We will also look at poetry based on aliens and space and discuss what we like and dislike about them before creating our own space poem. In maths this half term we will be looking at addition and subtraction. Within place value, the children will explore numbers up to 50 and problem solve with these numbers. We will also be learning about measurements of length, height, weight and capacity. This term they will study science by exploring the crash site and researching the everyday materials that they find. They will study the history of space travel, using the non-fiction book ‘The Usborne Book of The Moon’ and make their own timeline of these events. In DT they will design and make a moving slider picture of a space scene. This term we will be looking at Gospel and the parables that Jesus told.

Spring 2 – Enchanted Woodland

To engage the children with the topic we will be having a traditional tales dress up day where we will be exploring lots of different stories. Within this half term the focus will be; full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, retelling known stories, adjectives, adverbs, conjunctions, prefix- un and the suffix - ing, ed. We will start the topic in English through exploring lots of different traditional tales. They will retell the story of ‘Hansel and Gretel’ and learn to describe settings through this book. The next story we will look at is ‘Little Red Riding Hood’ followed by the twisted tale ‘Little Red’. This story is all about a boy called Red who has an adventure in the deep, dark wood. In maths this term the children will learn about multiplication, fractions and position and direction. Through science they will learn all about plants. They will plant their own plants, draw diagrams of a flower and write a poster about how to look after a plant. Within art they will sketch plants that they will find in our school garden. In RE at this time of the year we will learn all about Lent within class and assemblies. They will also learn the Easter story by; eating hot cross buns, making crosses, acting out the story and writing the story. By the end of the term we get the children to take part in an activity called ‘The Stations of the Cross’, which involves a walk around the school grounds learning about Jesus’ journey with the cross.

Summer 1 – Paws, Claws and Whiskers
To engage the children with the topic there will be a trip to a zoo, which will get the children thinking about different types of animals and how scientists would sort animals. Within this half term the focus will be; full stops, capital letters, finger spaces, using ‘but’ and ‘so’, captions and labels, exclamation marks, cursive handwriting, non-fiction writing. Throughout this term the children will research a different type of animal each week and will write their own fact files about each type. By the end of this topic they will produce their own non-fiction book about animals. This will give the children an opportunity to explore non-fiction texts and to create their own. We will also learn about different fables then learn and retell a modern fable, ‘A Crow’s Tale’ by Naomi Howarth. In maths we will be focusing on multiplication and division, fractions. Through science children will learn about herbivores, carnivores and omnivores. They will learn to identify and classify animals (including ourselves) just like proper scientists. Through art they will create different patterns for different animals using different media. They will use their growth mindset to improve sketches of different animals.

Summer 2 – Adventures in London

This half term we learn all about our capital city ‘London’ through the story of ‘Paddington’ by Michael Bond. We will also look at the books ‘Journey’, ‘Quest’ and ‘Return’ by Aaron Becker.  To engage the children this term we will be planning and having a teddy bears’ picnic where the children will bring in their own teddy bear. During our work on Adventures in London we will look at the stories of Paddington Bear and how to create our own stories using adjectives, conjunctions, power words and all the other skills we have learnt this year to make them exciting. Finally, we will look at different poems about bears and discuss the different simple structures of poems and what we like and dislike about them. In maths we will be focusing on place value within 100, money and time. In topic there will be a focus on geography.  We will be recapping the countries of the United Kingdom and how to locate them on a map.  We will look closely at London and the key features of it.  We will design our own maps to plot Paddington’s Journey around London. In this term they will learn about Buddhism. Within this they will be retell the story of Buddha and discuss the four noble truths. The children will then have a go at meditation and making their own meditation beads.


In June, the children will take their national phonics screening tests but don’t worry about this. We practise our phonics continuously throughout the year and when the time comes, the children will see the test as a normal activity. Trust that we know your child well enough to help them to achieve their very best. You can help at home by ensuring you read at least three times a week with your child.


Children make an incredible amount of progress in Year 1. They learn to sit at tables for long periods of times, build on their writing stamina and we begin to encourage them to be independent and resilient which helps them in their learning and as individuals. We learn so much over the year but have fun too. Your support at home is appreciated greatly and please don’t forget to contact us if you have any concerns or queries.



Miss Ward, Miss Dreher and Miss Walker


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