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School Life - March-July 2020

Year 1 art work based on the story 'A Crow's Tale'. We used watercolours to paint the background and we learnt a new skill and did some sewing to create patterns on felt feathers.

Wildlife project - bird feeders

We have learnt about Nicholas Chamberlaine and what we celebrate on “Bun Day”.
We also had some fun in the sun on Thursday with a sports afternoon.

Bun Day 2020!

This week we have been focusing on the story of Little Red Riding Hood. We have been making our own maps for little red riding hood to follow to grandma's house.  We have used the Beebots and programmed them to travel from different locations.  For PE we have enjoyed following dance routines on Kidzbop.

On Tuesday Reception joined KS1 to complete a science experiment where they needed to find the best solution for blowing bubbles.  They used bubble bath, washing up liquid and washing powder.

We have enjoyed a sports afternoon using different equipment and had races.

On Friday we celebrated Founder's Day (Bun Day).  We found out all about Nicholas Chamberlaine, sang a Man of his Time (a song all about Nicholas Chamberlaine) and of course ate yummy buns!

We have had a lovely week!

On Monday we made some clay tiles as part of our Design and technology lesson, children had to design it first. We left them to dry overnight ready for painting on Tuesday. Miss Clarke

Our story in Reception this week was 'Goldilocks and the Three Bears'. We had lots of fun acting out the story, making story maps and painting pictures of the bears. We wrote letters from Goldilocks to the three bears or from the bears to Goldilocks. We tasted porridge - plain and with honey, jam or syrup and talked about which we liked best. We made 'bear face' sandwiches using bread, chocolate spread, bananas and chocolate buttons - yum! In maths, we were learning about 'Capacity'. We learned about full, empty, half full and almost full or empty. We used a small scoop to fill bigger containers with cereal or water and counted how many 'scoopfuls' it took to fill each one. We learnt that the container that took the most scoopfuls had the biggest capacity and the one that took the fewest scoopfuls had the smallest capacity

Today in school year 1 and 2 have looked at weighing mass in kilograms. We coffee stained our newspaper reports from yesterday so that the public will be convinced we wrote them in 1666! We then had fun doing a maths scavenger hunt. We have also spent some time playing games in the classroom, on the computers and playing outside. This week we have learnt the alphabet and numbers in British Sign Language.

You can also see a video of us singing 'London's Burning', a song we have learnt this week about the Great Fire of London.

Still image for this video

Year 5 & 6 made circuits and successfully made the bulb light up

Here you can see what year 1 and 2 have been up to on Wednesday and Thursday. On Wednesday we researched some more facts about the Great Fire of London and we created burning houses using junk modelling. We looked at measurement in maths and begun weighing using grams as the unit of measurement. On Thursday we put our reporting heads back on and planned out our newspaper report about the events of the Great Fire of London. We then wrote our newspaper report in The London Gazette newspaper.

Here are some pictures of what year 1 and 2 have been up to so far this week in school. We have begun learning all about the Great Fire of London. On Monday we watched a short video about what happened then we thought of questions that would help us find good answers to help us know more about the Great Fire of London and be able to write report on it. We also created a Great Fire of London silhouette painting. On Tuesday we researched and recorded facts about what happened on each day. We also created bonfire collages using different materials such as real leaves, sticks, paper, tissue paper and netting.

A message from 1HD

Still image for this video

2020 Festival of Arts Results

Upper School VE Day Celebration Jigsaw

VE Day Celebrations

Upper School - Making Bath Bombs

A message from RVM - Mrs Mulholland

Still image for this video

This week in Reception we have been looking at the story of The Three Little Pigs. We wrote about what we would like to make our houses out of and then made them. We have used straws and other materials to build houses and 3d shapes. We used water colour paints to create pictures of pigs. we also pretended to be the big bad wolf and did an experiment to find objects that we could blow away and objects that we could not blow away.

Upper School - the Children had a go at some stop frame animation, see what you all think

Still image for this video

Upper School -We've researched countries around the world, created fact sheets and made some flags. Then we made passports and boarding passes before flying to our country via The Canons Airport! We've made a display in the crush hall.

Superworm by KS 1

Still image for this video

Artwork created by our pupils for the patients and workers at the ITU Unit at George Eliot Hospital

Upper School - On Monday the children recreated a piece of art using oil pastels, chalk and charcoal. We used the outdoor area lots too!!

Biscuit making and clay rainbows

Painted the clay rainbows, make streamer rainbows and had a picnic for last afternoon with Miss Clarke and Mrs Cuttiford. We've also completed our lockdown rainbow tree

This week, Reception were learning about the story of Jack and the Beanstalk. We made tickets and posters for our puppet shows and made popcorn boxes and popcorn to put in them. We enjoyed retelling and listening to the story. We planted beans and other seeds. We made giant footprints and leaves for our beanstalk. We loved climbing up the beanstalk and imagining what we might see at the top.

Lower School - Key Stage 1 - Today we had a mini sports day with reception followed by a cool down eating mini milks.

Arkin's birthday so we had cake!

For St George's Day we made dragons and shields.

In Art we made bugs out of paint and paper. We also learnt how to draw Superworm!

Maths this week was recognizing money, knowing the value of money and adding money.

Our theme all week was The gingerbread man We made boats and tested them in the water, decorated gingerbread men and ate them and made a clay gingerbread man decoration and a gingerbread man sun catcher decoration.

Class Video for 1LW from Miss Ward

Still image for this video

We had a lovely few days playing games such as bingo, top trumps and quizzes. We created some rainbow art inspired by Kandinsky. We finished off our week with a cinema afternoon in the hall which included some tasty popcorn.

KS1 made 2D shape robots on Tuesday - KS1 made 3D shapes from nets on Thursday

Lower School nature pictures made from materials collected outside

Lower School - NHS Day

Picnic in the Park 'The Canons' style

Still image for this video


Still image for this video


Still image for this video

Whole School - This afternoon Reception, Y1 and Y2 had a picnic. We had jam sandwiches, crisps, cakes and lemonade and then a party afterwards when KS2 joined us. Some of us danced, some of us played races and some of us read books

Lower School - Here are some pictures of Easter crafts we have done this week. We've painted Easter eggs using water colours, created a marble Easter egg picture using shaving cream and paints, created chalk drawings on the playground, made Easter cards, made a class rainbow picture using salt and water colours and sock Easter bunnies.

We learnt the stations of the cross story outside. I read the story to them and the children collected an object at each station to represent what happened and to help them remember the story. They then wrote a recount about it the next day.

Celebrating Bethany's Birthday

Looking after our Guinea Pigs

Upper School making Easter cards and the rainbow from sticks they collected

Easter Activities Thursday 9th April 2020

Key Stage 1 Easter Story part 1

Still image for this video

Key Stage 1 Easter Story Part 2

Still image for this video

Lower School making Dragons

Upper School Artwork

Friday Fun in Upper School

Lower School on their Spring walk and stick collecting

Lower School making their Giant Nest

Lower school egg laying

Still image for this video

Icing Biscuits in Lower School

Upper School - Science-Parachute Forces experiment

Upper School Activities - Sports to Romeo and Juliet

Our Sun Photos, from our Upper School children this week

Some amazing artwork from our children this week in support of our amazing NHS and Key Workers


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