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Free School Meals

Date: 27.11.19

Dear parent/carer,

Warwickshire County Council is committed to supporting families to use the online services available on our website. Applying for Free School Meals is a core service and parents must now log in to the Parent Portal in order to make an application. Following this change, we have taken the opportunity to review the administration of the service and have found we are receiving a larger number of paper applications, predominately through schools.   

Please apply online using the following link or by phone via the customer service centre on 01926 359189.

These methods of application are quick, easy and allow parents to utilise their existing account set up initially to apply for a school place. Over 95% of Warwickshire parents apply for a school place through the online facility, and it was decided to incorporate other services through the online portal, this now includes:

  • 2 year nursery funding
  • School places, i.e starting school, changing school and moving onto secondary school
  • Registration for the 11+ selection test 
  • Apply for free schools meals

The Free Schools Meals team no longer have the capacity to process paper applications and this manual method of applying is likely to result in a delay for parents to receive an outcome to their request.


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